Tuesday, December 29, 2009

time to say good bye to 2009

As you can read from my title is time to say good bye to the yeao 2009 and welcome 2010.Before the year 2009 end..I really thanx God that I am a year older and wiser..Through this year I have meet so many new friends from event & college mates..My dreams is to involve in cosplay roadshow and it REALLY happen..This year i stared to party more compare to previous year.Adapting new college ( the truth is not easy to adapt) My 1st time working in a advertising company for 3 months as intern.Get to learn a lot and i had a wonderful boss..Thanx and I really hope next year 2010 going be more HAPPENING.Enjoy life to the fullest and have a BIG smile on your faces always..Some of the picture that happen during the year 2009

tranformer roadshow
( me )

the girl that i love forever

youth Christmas party

friends forever

Happening glad tidings youth

abby, zheng hwang,baby, me and aaron

college friends ( betty )

cheong and wai soon

working as cosplay

nigel and khik

me as jason ( friday 13th)

auntie angela birthday party

christmas teddy

emerge 2009

digi mascot at sungai wang

khik the mascot

sky, tiffy,suki, stanley

us at decanter yam cha

late night hanging out

lomo is my life

my fish eyes 2

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