Monday, January 11, 2010

Assignment & exam

Finally I just hand in my assignment on the 8th of january and my human resource exam today is finally over..wink wink finally can get some rest..I been sleeping so late since the year 2010 struck, hardly step out the house also and stare at the my lappy from morning until wee hours to do my assignment.Finally is all over now, so is time to party and hang out with friends..Anyway my best buddy is coming back in 3 more days if not mistaken and Rowan is finally coming back to MALAYSIA on 21st this month.So nice my buddy are coming back and i really cannot wait to see them.On the 9th of  january was Waise 21st birthday at her house, She is one of my sis friends.We headed to her house almost 8 plus because the party start at 7.30pm ( typical malaysian) always late.My cousion come over my house and pick us up.So suprise that lot of us were invited to her birthday party, even my best friend in high school is there.Nice meeting up with pelvin at the party to catch up good old times..Manage to make some new friends as well, the photographer of the day is Sharin , Aaron is my younger mei mei college mate.
Finally is some picture time, I didnt bring my camera along so I am stealing from other website and etc..
 click for more pics

i am not the birthday girl ! !

happy 21st birthday wase

kexin and waise

kexin,alicia,pelvin and me

the birthday cakes

 make a wish

all her friends that came ( i duno anyone)

the after party for 21st birthday

sharin the photographer of the days

aaron, alicia & sharon

my hair look so messy

picture of the days

sharon shy to the camera

i love this picture a lot

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  1. good for you!!!
    shud go out more ma..
    meet new friends..!!!
    since so damn free ad