Monday, January 4, 2010

happy 18th birthday

Happy birthday to my baby boo..
Sorry for the late post as you know that I am busy with my assignment and due date soon.My corporate strategy and human resource due on the 8th of January.
On the 31st of december 2009- the last day of the year, everyone will be busy celebrating new year countdown and I was celebrating my baby 18th birthday at TGIF and went for Avatar movie at e-curve.It was a fun day hanging out together enjoying the very last day of 2009 together..

this was christmas at mv

happy 18th birthday baby

us at TGIF celebrating her birthday

After finish having lunch at TGIF then we for a movie.The show was so nice and I give rating 9/10.
We head back home and went out for some church gathering with uncle dominic family for dinner and some catch up.It was a bit rushing because after that we went up to genting for countdown with Aaron.On the way to genting the road was extreme JAM and packed.It took us nearly 2 hours to find a parking at first world ( didnt manage to find any) park outside then went to Resort World for countdown.The crowd there is super packed.


everyone waiting for countdown

aaron & ying


decoration at genting

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