Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Valentine's Day

Woohoo...!!! Valentine's Day is coming soon...!!!
I'm really glad that Nuffnang is giving these opportunity to Nuffnang bloggers to win the passes to watch
If  I really have a chance to celebrate Valentine with a star.. My choice will be TAYLOR SWIFT..!!

She is a sweet looking girl, talented and very natural..

On Valentine I'll be so so so nervous..!!
as I have to be cool and well prepared..well as it is..
I'll be at her front door at 7pm sharp!
with flowers and chocolate in my hand to give it to her..
I could just imagine, once the door is opened, there's she standing in front of me,
with her pretty dress

A private beach side dinner had been plan out just for her..
we can have our lovely dinner.. talking to each other..knowing each other..watching the sunset together.. ♥ 
 enjoying the beautiful view, the sea breeze and every moment of it..

as her songs are so original and that's what all teenager is going through..*come back to the dinner*

as we can have a walk on the beach together too...
this might be a normal valentine way to celebrate it but this is who I'm really am.. normal and simple yet is all from my heart to the person that I wanted to share with..

last but not least, send her home and give her a good night kiss ON THE CHEEK..
hehe I'm a gentlemen..^^

this the night that I will cherish it forever..
as this in the once in a life time opportunity..

Valentine's Day is often known as "couple's day".. so as boyfriend surprise the girlfriend..=)
I've coupled before a few times.. but I've never had the chance to celebrate Valentine's Day as I wanted..
but to me Valentine's day is not just meant for coupled & pairs..
we too can celebrate it with the person we loved so much..
such as families, friends, and person you could just think of it..=)

thanks to Nuffnang for this chance..

signing off from here..