Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I wanna be The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Why everyone wanna be the Sorcerer's Apprentice with super power like Fly in the air like Superman and Fight like Karate Kids , Ipman or other martial art Master.I am not into martial arts or dream to become a super heros like the latest movie Kick Ass , Drangon ball that have magics fire ball to attack the enemy.Climb the wall like Spider Man and he always says it with much more power comes much more responsibility.
What the point of me having the power of  Stop Time ?
By stopping the time doesn't not bring me any goodness in life and sooner or later future will still come to reality.
Read people mind - By reading people mind , I will know what other people think about me and it will bring a lot of hassle and burden to me by having the super power of reading people mind and know their sadness story.Can you imagine if that is 5 million humans in the world and I know what they are thinking?
I will be so busy and stress out.
The only super power that I really want will be To Turn Back Time
The reason is to turn back time and change all the mistake that I made and make it better in the future that is currently now.What for I need the super power like fight like a martial art masters, fly like Superman and dreams of been Super heroes.Stop the time of the world , Read people mind.
I am sure everyone will loves to go back to turn back time and correct those mistake that never happen and make you a better person today.


  1. good point of you man. good luck for that ! :)

  2. thanx a lot ya..
    i got the tix ady...