Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Food Review at Bukit Tinggi BBQ

Dear Readers
 Sorry for not updating my blogs lately due to my full time work in a Advertising company.Anyway this blogs post going to be a yummy delicious food review at Bukit Tinggi bbq restaurant.

 This restaurant is located at Bukit Tinggi near Selesa Hills and the restaurant serve delicious simple foods.To all the food hunter outside can always call up the restaurant to book tables as their always have lot of tourist drop by there for lunch or dinner.

 The restaurant is decorate with lot of nice umbrella from different companies around Malaysia that visited the place before and more I will upload more photo on the surrounding areas.

I did not expect the owner will use umbrella as decoration for the restaurant
 More umbrella 

Flower Tea pot 

This dishes are unique as it come with mixture of  veggies , rice and soup
Definitely must try dishes 
4/5 rate on the dish

Green peppers 
3/5 rate on the dish

Baked Salted Fish
The fishes is baked with salt and the fish texture is fresh and a bit salty.This dishes is unique and to all the fish hunter , is a MUST try dishes when you visit the restaurant.
4/5 rate on the dish 

This was the mix veggie , rice and other yummy foods that I mention above my photo

The above dishes is Tofu with Fried Eggs with sauce.My favorite dish as it look simple and the taste is awesome and yummy delicious.

5/5  My rate for this dish above

Last but not least is white chicken 
The taste of the meat is tender and soft.
4/5 rate on this dish

The above rating is based on my personal eating experience. 

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