Monday, May 28, 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII Media Launch @ One World Hotel

Samsung Galaxy S III finally arrived into Malaysia Market.

I was invited to Samsung Galaxy SIII Media Launching happening at One World Hotel on 24th May 2012 . Thank to Samsung and Don Chan for the invite. 
Upon registration, each of us received a Samsung goodie bag which contained a Hyperjuice Nano battery pack & a Samsung notebook

Jiayeen, Valerie , Michelle , Mei Sze & Samantha
        Michelle & Nelson 
Everyone was usher into a grand ballroom for the official launch on Samsung Galaxy SIII. 

                    Samsung invited LIVE orchestra to perform for the night with a Huge screen for their launching , The MC of the day is Wan Zaleha

MC of the day is Wan Zaleha

Burst shot & Best photo
The ‘Burst Shot’ function on the Samsung GALAXY S III gives users the option of instantly capturing twenty continuous shots, and the ‘Best Photo’ feature selects the best eight photographs, ensuring users a more enhanced and memorable camera experience.
Pop up play
With the ‘Pop Up Play’ feature, users can play a video anywhere on the Samsung GALAXY S III’s screen while simultaneously checking emails or SMS, eliminating the need to close and restarting of videos.

S Beam
  With the ‘S Beam’, instant sharing of files becomes a breeze. Users can share files just by touching two Samsung GALAXY S III phones back to back.
 S Voice
Introducing ‘S Voice’, the Samsung GALAXY S III’s advanced natural language understanding, listens and responds to a user’s words – allowing information search, basic device-user communication, and powerful device control functions like “snooze” for the alarm, playing a favourite song, turning the volume up or down, sending text messages and emails, organising schedules, or automatically launching the camera and capturing photos.
After the launch we were all invited into other hall to get our hand on Samsung Galaxy SIII. 
I was so happy get to try out the latest gadget on Samsung Galaxy SIII before anyone else in Malaysia . 

  Jackie trying out the new SIII  
Valerie with the new Samsung Galaxy SIII
Samantha with Samsung Galaxy SIII
The Samsung Ambassador Model 
I meet my old friends at the Samsung Media Launch 
 Photo credit to Jaz Khai 
Jaz Khai & Me 

Group photo with the Samsung Ambassador 

A buffet was prepare for all of us after the event and they serve all kind of cuisine, time to feed our hungry stomach after a long day at the launch .
The Media Launch have finally come to the end so rush to your nearest telecommunication and grab yourself a Samsung Galaxy S3..You definitely will not regret it !!

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