Monday, October 8, 2012

Samsung Smart Tv - First motion controlled Angry Bird game

Samsung Unveils First Ever Motion Angry Bird TV Game for Smart TV

Imagine yourself playing Angry Bird at your own home with Samsung Smart TV

29th September 2012 - I was invited to experience the first motion Angry bird game at Best Denki , 1 Utama at 10 am

She unveils the first motion angry bird Tv game for Samsung Smart TV.

Some of the photo on the launch day

Blogger cant wait to try out the First Motion controlled Angry Bird Game 
Blogger can play Angry Birds on the large TV screen and enjoy a interactive TV games experience with just the wave of the hand , the slingshot and activated the unique skills of each birds.

Now everyone can enjoy playing Angry Bird on a large Tv Screen with Samsung Smart TV , friends and family can spend quality time for bonding relationship and cultivating a great understanding amongst one another 

Blogger trying it out 

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  1. I tried this before. Blood pressure shot sky high!!