Monday, October 22, 2012

Samsung's SMART Camera Brand Evangelist

Samsung Smart Camera EX2F

Christmas come earlier than expected this years  , I won a Smart camera from Samsung from a photography contest and it will be added into my camera family.

I will also like to take this opportunity to thank Samsung for signing me as one of their 20 Brand Evangelist Blogger and be their spokesperson for their new range of Samsung Smart Camera.

Samsung SMART Camera EX2F

That are many feature in this smart camera but I am going to introduce only of the feature that is one-touch wireless sharing 

Wi-Fi Connectivity 
Let forget about bringing heavy laptop on long vacation to upload photo into social media website.This camera come with built in Wi-Fi and let you instantly share your moment with your friends , blogger and love one , even when you are in the move . 

Upload photos to Facebook & Youtube or email them directly from your Smart Camera to your family members.This camera also equip with a dedicated Smart Link and make it easy to save photo you took to any Smartphone.

Front view of the camera

Front view with the pop up flash 
Side View 
Social Sharing 

Some of the photos that I took recently with Samsung Smart Camera EX2F

I will also upload my first v- log on how to upload your photo using the coolest feature in this Samsung Smart Camera. 

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