Monday, November 5, 2012

In Love With Samsung Smart Camera EX2F

I'm starting to fall in love more and more with Samsung Smart Camera EX2F!!

YES! I AM! *wide smile*

With another awesome feature that EX2F has is FULL MANUAL mode which you can take full control of your camera, as how you want.

It always feels good to take control which the outcome is as what you wanted.
Don't you? LOL

Is great that great moment can be film and be kept, hit-or-miss is just ain't good enough. Aperture Priority makes sure your main subject in hand stands out from its surroundings. As for the Shutter Priority captures fast movements and the Manual Mode grants you the complete control of the exposure.

The Full Manual Mode allow you to "customize" the picture you capture, as aperture, shutter and manual adjusted as you like.

List of Filters
2.Magic Frame
3.Split Shot 
4.Picture In Picture 
 6.Artistic Brush

Some of the photo that I took using the filter : 
Magic Frame

Wait for my next Blogpost for more update on the Samsung Smart Camera EX2F

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