Monday, December 7, 2009

birthday celebration on the month of december

Happy birthday to my beloved mum.
On that day i did not manage to spend the whole day with her because of  busy schedule. I went to lecture in the morning and she was helping out in kid church camp at church for 2 days.After lecture i came home and celebrate my mum birthday at ttdi Italian restaurant porto romano. Now is pics time..

the restaurant menu

the restaurant bar

the setting of the table (cosy)



My mum with the birthday cake
happy birthday to my beloved mother

marbel cheese cake from secret recipe

my beloved parent

sandy ( sorry the picture is blur)

wine drinking

this wine taste better

the starter ( mushroom soup)

my main dish of the night

everyone busy eating away

she is feeling hungry

the Christmas tree


That all for the night on the 4 december 2009.HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved mum
After reaching home, just rest a while then went to bed early that night because next day i have to wake up early and go curve to work as mascot. Wait for more update ya..


  1. Hey Adrian! Nice to meet you eh! Next time join us for more event and we cam-ho ya! It's ritual for a blogger. lol!

    Catch up with you soon.


  2. hey...
    nice to meet u that day.i was a bit shy that why didnt talk much..sure sure..
    every blogger like to cam whore..i be getting my dslr by next year...
    cross finger