Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Storm Warriors Premiere Screening at mid valley

Yesterday i manage to go for the storm warriors premiere screening at mid valley.Reached Mid Valley around 6 plus then meet up with the rest of them.Get to meet few other friends there, this is not my 1st movie premiere screening.I have attend few before thanx to my friend that give me the chance to watch premiere. I think the 1st Storm Warriors movie are better compare to the current showing one.The 1st show was around 12 years ago if i am not mistaken ( correct me if i am wrong ) The main movie actor are Aaron Kwok & Ekin Cheng.The movie didnt have much conversation but the best thing in the whole movie was Aaron Kwok & Ekin Cheng can fight using their mind.Can you all inmagine that, the whole movie got a lot of computer graphic.The killing and fighting part look fake also.
The overall rating for this movie is 6/10..( My own opinion)

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