Thursday, December 3, 2009

happy 20th birthday cayenne

Happy 20th Birthday to my friend cayenne..
This blog is dedicated specially to the birthday girl name cayenne.She finally turn 20 on 4th of  December. She have the same birthday as my mum but different year. This month i have tons of friends and love one celebrating they birthday..Going to be broke and christmas are just around the corner as well.I know her nearly a year from working (smartie party rave) I was the supervisor of  the event. She also work for the same sampling company that i work before.The world is very small.She is friendly and helpful and love blogging also.Her dreams is to become a successful designer and a famous blogger in future.I want to her happy birthday and may all your memory be bright.Happy Birthday..

sorry i have to take this picture from your blog


  1. hey.. thank you for this post! =) yeah. we knw each other for almost a year edi! =)

  2. hey..
    hope u have a great birthday ya..