Wednesday, December 2, 2009

working days

u mobile ambassador
Working days
i have worked for various event as i mention in my previous post.This jobs is u mobile and the crew member that worked with me before are Emily, Alistair,Christy ,Wei Theng ,Geneive,Suzanne, Zoe ( Sorry if your name is not mention here) cannot really remember.I am the team leader aka supervisior for the roving team.Our job scope is promote u mobile around in klang valley. The company that i work with for u mobile if not mistaken is pda arena.Thanx to all the members that make this roadshow happen and i am sure everyone that work together with me never regret rite.we have so many happening moment in our life. Our lil makan trip and etc..

alistair,christy,emily and me at desa park city

                                                alistair,christy,wei theng and me

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