Wednesday, December 2, 2009

movie review

movie reviews -- new moon

This movie is the continue from twilight as everyone and mostly the twilight fans knows it. The love between Edward and Bella in twilight saga:new moon has grown deeper as things happens to both of them.

In this movie the main focus has change when Edward decided to leave Bella alone in a small town of Forks. In few months later Bella is still in a heart broken condition, she realize that she could see and hear Edward when she put herself in to danger as she has promise Edward that she wouldn't do anything reckless.

Things slowly change in Bella and everyone. Jacob has turn to a werewolf to protect Forks from any danger. That's the part where all the Jacob fans scream because the topless Jacob show his man side and masculine side as he protects Bella. At last when Edward meets with Bella once again was amazing and intense. But the interesting part is the end of the movie kept us questioning about what will happen next.

to all readers of twilight, i guess you have known the ending of Eclipse. As for my opinion i don't get to read the book, really kept me thinking for the next scene.

So go grab your ticket in the cinema and watch it with your family member , friends or loved one because i did.

cheerz everyone.


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