Saturday, December 19, 2009

Update on daily life

Sorry for the late update.I been very busy since the month of december started because christmas are around the corner and weekend I be working as tranformer in the mall around in Klang Valley..I am the optimus prime, the job scope is to promote tranformer toy to children and adults that love tranformer.I have take a lot of picture on the whole roadshow and great to know few other friends that work together for the roadshow.My new friend are Coffee, Kido,Daniel,Loise and Xavier.The Optimus prime suit is extremly heavy and is like going to gym during the weekend by carrying the mascot and wear it.Is like going to free gym and get pay.Anyone want to
try it next time do leave me a comment ya..

bumble bee & optimus prime

I will shoot u down

 one utama games booth


 tranformer learning monopoly

bumble bee love troley

 tranformer been tranport

aval at one utams with dark vader

mascot of the day

strawberry short cakes

mr monopoly

1.2.3 let pose mascot for camera

optimus coming down

kids love us ( awww)


subang parade parkson

I will post up more picture when i am free ya..Been very busy lately with christmas, assigment , birthday celebration and etc...
Happy 21st birthday to my beloved mei mei Alicia Ng..She is having a big party today at home.I will update more often ya..

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