Tuesday, December 15, 2009

happy birthday buddy

Greeting all the way from Malaysia to Australia..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 22th birthday Alistair. I am not sure are you going to read my blog a not?hope you do because i purposely wrote this blog for you.Alistair i know him since i was studying at kdu diploma in business admin.He from sabah and today he will be celebrating his 22th birthday in australia, he a very close friends of mine.No matter what he will always be by my side, help me when i get into trouble like my car break down that time and i contacted him.That day was raining so heavy and he drove his baby atos come over and help me.Thanx a lot for being such a great friends.I do miss him a lot when he not in malaysia ( as a friend ) he a very close buddy of mine and he really help me a lot.When i am down he always at my side to accompany me and i will never regret knowing a friend like you.He a good bassit and a humble friends.Once again thanx a lot for being always there for me.Some of the picture that i manage to find in my pendrive.

this picture was during wei theng birthday

cold storage ambassador

curi tulang during work time

he trying to act cute

me and him together during working

act cool

his nose itchy


he love his baby stacy atos ( same colour as he wearing)

Did you notice that every single pictures he took sure got a snow cape.


  1. Whoa thanks man! i know i'm just that awesome bro.. hahahaha.. wei how to put your url in my blog wei?? i forgot how to do.. hahahah.. but nice post ah.. the snowcap is awesome! my style what last time.. plus my hair panjang remember!

  2. no worry ya..hope u have a great party and celebration last nite..give me your blog link la..your snow cap is just to cover ur long hair right