Sunday, February 7, 2010

Run toward your dreams in the year of tiger

I want to thanx Nuffnang and Tiger beer for choosing me as the best costume for male category for the tiger run. This is my 3rd Nuffnang event and I hope that is more to come during this year of tiger.

I grabbed from
congratulate to all the Tiger run blogger that won
The event was held at Jaya one on the 6th February, I went there with Cayenne and Krystal suprise this 2 blogger going there as well.That days it was raining very heavy and the whole roads was so jammed up due to last minute chinese new year shopping at the mall and cause kl traffic worst plus the heavy downpour.

Reach Jaya one at 4pm and headed to Nuffnang Tiger run registration counter near Bar Madrid.I manage to see a lot of other 87 blogger that involve in the run to win cash prize.Most of them come with short and singlet and they are all gear up for the run.

i spotted  shaolin tiger at the event

  Tiger Blogger that running for the event

Group picture before the event 

 Adele Chow was in the event as well

all ready for the run

army on duty ( me)  &  cayenne

all we need is tiger beer to refresh ourselve
The event start off with registration then some briefing from the mc Kevin and a map around jaya one
and a empty goodie bags to fill up our goodie when we are running.
Here is the tiger bag that i got after registration
All blogger have to run 2 rounds around in jaya one then only go to the location and do the tasks in the different location and after finish the task then you have to run half round somemore to your location.I was running then jog and walking.Really didnt run for so long after so many years.

The 1st task at  # HQ : Tweet about Tiger run 

2 task at  # Royal Oak : Take one bottle of tiger beer which is deep in a ice box that fill with ice with your hand 
3 task at # Frontera : Grab a drumstick or chicken wing that are so spicy and burn your lips when you eat it..after finish then show the bones to the person in charge

4 task at # Chulo : Log in your facebook and join Tiger beer fan clubs and post a messages
5 task # Bar Madrid : Pose like a tiger 

Finally I manage to complete all the task even I try to give up during task 4 because I was extreme tired due to the run but I keep pushing my limit and manage to complete it.The chicken is really spicy and my lips are still burning after finish all the tasks.
The last location for after party

blogger enjoying tiger beer after the run

meeting up with other bloggers

meeting up with other blogger 
emeryn ( the yellow top is my primary school mate)
everyone is hungry 

Yummy this is my dinner 

The mc ask us to gather near the registration counter because got tiger show.I don't mean those tiger show in thailand.It actually tiger dance because this year is tiger.

tiger show 

great performance 
I >3 Nuffnang badge

t shirt given to us after the run
I had a great and wonderful time at the tiger run and I won the best costume for male category.Hope that
will be more chance next times.

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