Monday, February 8, 2010

VFM : Valentine Flash Mob

Last sunday I went for this event valentine days flash mob.It was held at kl sentral and time square and it was my very 1st time to attend this event with my beloved baby.
The event was a sucess and thanx to the organizer that make this event happen and I am sure all the Flash Mob enjoy every moment of it.
Let me roughly tell all my reader what happen during the vfm at kl sentral ya.
The mobbers suppose to meet up at 1pm sharp near the cab area but usually malaysian is always late so end up the briefing start at 1.30pm.Some of the mobbers come as couple, some with friends and some single and most of them know about the vfm thru facebook.The organizer must be a facebook addict.
So by 1.30 pm, the organizer start with the briefing and all the mobbers were supportive and friendly.Manage to know some new friends around that love flash mob.
Derek the mobber
 We were divided into few teams with a leader and designated locations for each team and the main focus for the whole attire valentine flash mob was on the concourse area of kl sentral , just outside McDonald.
So at 2pm sharp all the flash mobbers was freeze for 5 min and that lot of funny pose that can be seen that days. A gurl that carry a guy and from a busy kl sentral turn to complete silent and everyone wonder why we are not moving.I also heard someone say kenapa semua orang beku sahaja, beku mean freeze in english.
That are a lot of funny , nice and cute valentine pose that can be seen that day at kl sentral. Picture will be upload soon once I get it ya.
So, at 2:05pm, everyone unfroze and moved away. Then, came back the noise and hustle-bustle of the KL Sentral scene. Then, we all re-grouped back at the briefing area for a de-briefing and we took a group photo together.
First wave of TS VFM was at LG floor, where they were planning to slot in our gig right after the 8TV CNY Promo Tour.We ran a little off schedule, so we started off slightly later, at about 4:45pm. It was right at the middle of the concourse area, where every shopper could see us and that is 8tv promo tour there as well.Reporters from every imaginable press was there. You name it, you got it. The Star, Nanyang, Sin Chew, Berita Harian.
That are many photographer there as well, I met one photographer name Summer and he was asking me how I get to know about flash mob and all the details and I explain to him.
Some of the photo that I found on 3 kind
cool dude in red 

country side girl wondering 

some of the pose of the day
reading some magazine

smile to camera 

7 up promo 
bf whispering to the gf
looking for cupid

i want to have 3 valentine

super heroes 

 hey dude
make up near chinatown
model of 2010
This are some of the picture i found on the net.Once I get more then i will upload all ya and maybe video as well. finger cross.
Some of the previous video that I found on the net

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  1. yo, adri
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