Tuesday, March 16, 2010

cornetto contest

Sorry for not been blogging for so so long , I been very busy with my college assignment since I am finally in my last semester.Lot of due post I havent update yet , recently i have join few contest one of it is Cornetto Show your love with the best music video.
 If you want to Show Your Love to your darling, this is your chance to do so, and win
 RM10,000  and a chance to express your love on TV.

1. Log on to www.cornetto.com.my
2. Register and start creating your own music video with the theme “Show Your Love”

Then you can use the font to create messages in the pictures , then finally choose a music as your background then the video is complete.

patrick & flippy
3.Submit your video, then click "tell a friends"to earn votes and share your video.
Then wait to win great prizes !!

Do have a click and check it out this is my love story

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