Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I love blogging

It been a while since I last blog , before Chinese new year I was involve in a roadshow by myc called AKPK is  the best way to achieve your Dreams !! 
Most of the youth today have a dreams and by joining this contest you might win up to rm10,000
cash scholarship to make ur dreams come into reality.
AKPK stand for Agensi Kauseling Dan Pengurusan Kredit has launchd the Akpk Save , Plan , Cash your dreams a program speacially make for teenangers and working adult from all sort of races.The aim is to eduacate them with the strategies that their dreams should be carried out strategically

The student can also write down their dreams in the Wall of dreams 

my best buddy alistair dreams
 we went to different university and all the student wrote down their dreams on the wall and most of them join the contest and hoping the judge will make their dreams come true.

Akpk save, plan & cash your dream is nothing like other programmes out there for this campaign their get young people to start planning their dreams in a reality way through real life and not by textbook style.
I have worked for almost 6-8 days for this project in different Local University & Private university.I have seen lot of different typed of dreams and some challeging one.
This was at kdu college
Help university - people who need HELP
1.2.3 Let talk about your dreams

me explaining to them how akpk can help them achieve their dreams

the crowds at ukm

Kevin the MC.Mj the supervisior and the crew members are daniel,darren, me and fei wen
Notebook that given away 

Mj in segi college
To all the contestant that have join the Akpk cash your dreams.I am here to wish everyone all the best and if you manage to win.Do not forget bout me ya.The young man from ukm that want to sell Balacan if you are reading this post remember when you win then supply me Balacan ya.Check out the website for further detail 

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