Thursday, March 25, 2010

No Sweat

Malaysia weather is always hot and humid, I guess you have come across that a lot of them sweat very easily by doing sports activity or by just sitting around under the hot sun that we have in Malaysia.
Let me confess something here, I am also of them that easily sweat a lot without doing anything or even walk to the next destination.
I am sure most of you will not like to be near someone that smell so badly right?
ADIDAS have come out with ADIDAS Fresh deodorant spray.

By using this , I am no longer ashame and it protect me 24 hours anti-perspirant and I smell so fresh everytime I use it. I am sure everyone like someone that have good smell right?
I am sure this bottle is easy to carry around in your sport bag when you going for some games or when you going out for a date.After spraying you will smell fresh & cooling.The most important is no more sweat after a long day of workout or outing.
So head to your nearest shopping mall and go grab one and try it out.

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