Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I am finally back in blogging

I really love blogging but lately I didnt touch my blogs for sometime and that a lot of late entry that I havent update like gastby event , Pc fair and my daily thing happen around me.
I been very busy with tons of assignment and my 11k words thesis that why I went on to a M.I.A mission for sometime to complete most of my assigment.
On 24th of april I was working for the world cup 2010 celcom flash mob in Mid Valley and the following day is in Johor.Anyone of you spotted blue bear dancing in street or shopping mall.I guess most of KL resident havent really get the chance to see yet unless you were in Mid valley last sat around at celcom booth at G floor.
To all the Johor people they might spotted us roving around their wonderful town. On sunday morning 12 am all the flash mobber gather at Mcd Sunway Mentari for the bus to come.We waited and waited until around 1 and the client ask us go to the office 1st and pratice the dance.Inmagine dancing at the office at 1am until 2am , I was so awake after the rehearsel for the dance.
After that, we travel down to Johor by bus and reach there around 11am for the UOX at johor sport stadium for a interschool band and cheerleading competition.All the flash mobber was so tired and we suppose to enter the stadium without let them notice about us..
Funny and is fun knowing so many new people that working today, I will update and upload more pictures ya..

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