Friday, April 9, 2010

project alpha season 2

Project Alpha was launch at e-curve on 7th of April 2010
I manage to meet a lot of new blogger and they are extremely fast in updating their blogs and pictures compare to me.
I arrived at Cathay cinema around 7 and I saw a lot of camera keep flashing on the 7 feature bloggers.cheeserland was not at the lauch and the rest of the featured blogger are there to mingle around with the people.
 If you are a fans of ky click on the link for more

If you are a fans of niki cheong click on the link for his blogs
Jojo & me at the Project Alpha launch

I was busy walking around the booth area and guess who I spotted
timothytiah ( co-founder of nuffnang )
Timothy is a very friendly and talktive person and he jokes is so random until make most of us pause a while and only notice it was a jokes.How nice to have a boss like him <-.->

A group pictures
 The rest of the feature blogger I didn't manage to grab them and take picture because they are busy with lot of other things. 
I also meet new friends like jackieloi, nicole, spectre and lot more.
So tuned in to Project Alpha or add the fans page project alpha