Thursday, May 20, 2010

update on my daily life

Sorry I been negelecting my lovely blogs for sometime since the last blogs post on gastby street carnival.Anyway I was busy with my new job that is roving team for the new marlboro touch in 7-eleven.Everyday I have to travel around at klang valley to promote.
Yesterday I was invited by Nuffnang to the Pj Laugh Fest a comedy Theatre in Jaya One.The stage play was Caught In The Middle

find more information on

this comedy was great and the director did a good jobs..Thumb up x2
This is a sneak preview on the comedy

It was about everyday life of Chandrans and their family,
the Hamzahs, as they wade through landslides,
uncertain pulblic transport, the TakPandai Medical(last) Resort,
shopping malls and mamak and the surreal landscape of local TV,
culminating in the and the tv reality-show: 'Who Wants to be a Politician?'

There are so much more,
worth to experience it yourself,
they are still on,

19th - 22th & 25th - 29th May, 8.30pm
22th & 29th May, 3.00pm
23th & 30th May, 5.00pm

Rating : 18PL
Admission : RM 70
Comedy Theater
Go Grab your ticket now at Jaya One
Thanx Nuffnang for the ticket
Do not miss this opportunity to catch the show
Anyway I went there with my baby princess for the show, did not take much photo because I was rushing back from work in Sunway and really surprise that I can make it on time for the play.
I also want to thank baby for the picture because all is from her.
 click below to visit her blogs ya.

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