Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I want to watch toy story 3

Toy story movie is finally showing in 3D.I am always a Toy Story cartoon big fans, the show will be showing in the cinema at June 18 , 2010 in Malaysia.To all the readers & all the Nuffnang blogger can write a post with the title " I want to watch Toy Story 3 " Then share with us what new toys you wish to see in toy story 3 in 3D and only 50 passes with their guest can watch this show on 14 June at Gsc midvalley.
Chunk look like transformer
I will love to see him as a new toy character in the Toy story 3D in the movie screening because the little guy here look so macho and like transformer.Maybe he can transform into something when those toys are in trouble.
Trixie the coolest rhino 
I use to love dinosaur when i was a very young kids until today , I am so amazed with their character and the way they live and so on.
Peas- in-a-pod
This character remind me of those peas that I always eat in Japanese restaurant.They are so adorable and cute.
Bookworm is a term that lot of people use to describe those people that love reading and willing to learn.Everyday we are learning something new in life from all walk of life.
 Stretch is a purple octopus.I will love to buy the toys in that is available in supermarket.

I love Mr.Pricklepants because he look so cheeky and cute.The hair is so spiky just like me.I will really love to see him acting in the latest toy story in 3D.He will be definite a cool character to be feature in and all girl will find him so cute. 

I hope can get the ticket and enjoy the movie after a tiring day of working.


  1. The peas are so cute! hehehe

  2. hmmm, I do really like watching the two previous Toy Story. What really makes me excited is the quality of the 3D version. Well, so excited to Watch Toy Story 3. :D