Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My water moments

I love to capture every wonderful moments with my lovely camera since I was a teenager.The latest camera that I invested in is fish eyes 2.The camera is a lomo camera and everything is so old school and can you inmagine using those films to process your photo.How can you find in market now a days for those type of camera?

I just love photography and this is the camera that I invested

Want to know how it look like ?

The cover is in the box

Find it adorable and cute =.= go to the nearest online website and search for lomography camera and buy the one suit you best.

To all my readers , wonder how those fish eyes camera pictures turn out.Wondering no more because I am going to post up some of the wonderful pictures that fish eyes 2 can capture.

The picture is a bit dark 

 The wonders of fish eyes 2 

This is one of the picture that I capture in MELAKA

Lomo camera  available in many types such as Diana F+ , Holga and lot more.This is some of the camera that I manage to capture when I 1st went for lomo outing at KL
I will continue to post up some of lomo photograph that might interested you

Some old building in kl

The bright sky

Signboard for public toilet

advertising sign board 

souvenir from kl 

Lomo kaki group pictures.
spot me and leave me a comment !

wonderful moment that capture in our lives

photography is always my passion 
the lovely morning 
lomo camera spotted 
Sony recently launch the new Cyber-Shot TX5 that are 10.2 megapixel T series and 4x optical zoom and is cyber-shot.I always wanted to get a digital camera that are Water Proof so that can capture underwater scenary that so lovely and is like a paradise heaven.
Secondly this camera is Dust Proof and do not have to worry that the camera will be clean always and dust will not hide in those tiny space.
I love this feature most because is Shock Proof.It had a 24mm and is so cool to camwhore when that is no one helping you to snap those wonderful and lovely moment.
This new cyber-shot TX5 also come with Temprature proof that mean for those blogger that always travel to country that have four season every year do not have to worry that the camera will not function.
Even the freezing point up to –10ºC  the camera still capture eye moment picture in such a harsh weather.

I took this picture during one of my holidays

Camera is always at my side to capture great and wonderful things

Photography is in my daily life


The new Sony Cyber Shot TX5 will make my dreams come true to take underwater pictures and capture those lovely little creature of fishes and corals.
So my picture wun end up like this..

The picture is a bit blur and my dreams is to swim with the shark one day if I have the chance and take a upclose picture with them.

The Sony Cyber-Shot TX-5 is Water Proof , Handheld Twilight - The picture taken will be sharper even without flash light or tripod. Sweep Panorama let you enjoy beautiful panoromic shots by sweeping your camera to create stunning landscapae or scenary shots.CMOS sensor and it 25mm wide angle to capture wider angle and lastly the camera use a Bionz image processor it designer for sony digital SLR.Now is in the new Sony Cyber Shot TX5.
For more information do visit http://www.sony.com.my/product/dsc-tx5.Got any inquiry about the camera can find more information on the website.



  1. Nice one. especially the fish eye photos. best of luck!

  2. Good luck. All your photos are very beautiful.

  3. o-haiyo~ How r u~ nice fish eye photos!