Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mister potato rice crisps lover

Firstly I want to thank Nuffnang and Mister Potato for inviting me to the premiere of Prince of Persia at E-curve.I was a bit late to collect the ticket because I went over to one utama to have dinner with my family.Then when arrived at the curve , the road was so jammed and I ask my baby go down and collect the movie ticket 1st and I find parking.
I will rate this movie 8/10
Prince of Persia show is actually based on a computer games.I managed to see some other blogger as well such as Jackie Loi, Spectra , Tallboys and lot more.

The movie is conjunction with Mister Potato Rice Crisps.

Thank Nuffnang for the movie ticket !! 
Mister Potato come in various types of flavors such as Original , Sour cream and onion , Hot and spicy , Flame Grilled BBQ.
Rice Crisps do have 20% less fat and is more healthy compare to others.So that most of the people which love to munch do not have to worry about gaining weight by eating a canister of Mister Potato rice crisps.

I and my baby saw fourfeetnine and tim
Anyway my baby is a big fans of fourfeetnine, she love her blogs a lot and keep reading it once that is updates.Tim loves the sour cream and onion rice crisps by mister potato
The ticket collect booth by nuffnang 

Before the movie start , I went to get drink incase later in the movie thirsty.
I cannot wait for the movie and munch my favourite mister potato.

This is me and my baby in the cinema.Sorry for the messy hair because didnt get the chance to style it properly.

I love the new Mister potato Rice Crisps packaging because it suit the target consumer that will be those that are health concious.It remind me the time that I was doing my intern in a packaging and labeling company during my summer breaks.I have learned so much from there in packaging and design.It might look simple to everyone but the hardwork that the designer put in and tha amount of workload they have to amend.

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  1. it's the premiere show of Prince of Persia and they spelled it wrongly. lol. gotta say, ur baby is pretty.