Thursday, August 26, 2010

movie review

Sorry for not updating my blogs for sometime due to busy finding full time jobs and working for freelance on events.
This blogs post going to be movie review on inception
Thank to Nuffnang and my baby for the invites to the movie, I didn't blogs for very long time due to the busy working schedules I have.
The movie was held at Midvalley and I drove all the way there to meet up my baby and collect the ticket for the movies.
Before the movie start , we went to Carl's Jr for dinner and let the pictures do the rest for my blogs
Does size matter to all the girls out there 

Yummy delicious fries and chicken stripe 
 To all my reader let me intro you all the new family members in our family

My name is monster 

take some picture together 
the movie ticket that my baby won
That all for now and I will update my blogs more often..
Stay tuned !!

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