Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brand Care 10 years anniversary

To all my fellow friends and blogs reader 
Sorry for not blogging or update for sometime due to I recently have enter the working world  in a advertising firm that specialist in FMCG goods.
The company I am working now is Brand Care and is located at Merchant Square , I went back to the company that I did my 3 months internship.
On the 10/10/10 , the company celebrate their 10 years anniversary by having buffet lunch
Our Advertising Company 

The company is like a big big family and we always help each other in different ways no matter what position you are in.A truly loving company that bring us joy and fun working together.
Let me introduce you the photographer of Brand Care for that day.
This is Simon from the designer team and me from the servicing team to capture the wonderful day with our gears.
Below will be some of the foods that we manage to capture 

 This pictures was very vintage 

  Sherbet dessert ( strawberry)   
 This is Shawn with left Shene, designer Yann Ling & Esther

Group photo with all brand care family

 Shawn Family members

 Shawn parent
  Shawn with the Singapore Team

 Designer with Josiah 

Let me introduce one by one 
 This is Keong the designer and he photographer wannabe

 This is Mun Sing Designer with a creative ways of posing

 Mun Wai from servicing
 Simon the photographer & designer

 Our freelance copy writer
 Michael that always fly around Malaysia , Singapore and Indonesia

Olivia designer , she currently doing intern in Singapore

Happy Birthday Brand Care 

 Mun Wai with Mr Ong
 Group picture with all the happening designer
 Yann Ling spotted at the back
 Lucky draw winner
Best dress for male & female
 Female best dress
Evelyn & Olivia 1st time visit KLCC

That all for now , I will try my best to update more if I have the time and this is how it end on 10/10/2010


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