Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a sneak peek on my recent tours

Bangkok Secrets
Bangkok is a mystery with many secrets waiting for us to discover 
First, Bangkok is a combination of the old and new. with one interfacing with one and other.

The night view of Bangkok City from Sky Bar

Bangkok Jam for hours 

As for the old , the city has centuries old cultural and religious heritage sites. Each of this sites from Royal Palace to Chinese Temple has a hidden story , likewise with the centuries old canal and waterways , historic paths. All of this has a hidden story, created by million of people that have used them. From these cultural and historical sites. We can find out the history of old Bangkok, which hold many secret waiting for us to discovery and shared to the world.

As for new -Skyscrapers and shopping mall , modern hospital and arts gallery-each of these have a story to let all the reader know if you are planning to visit Bangkok.They represent the attempts of Thailand & Bangkok to live the modern age and be part of the vibrant modern world.These are also stories waiting for us traveler to discover and people that thirsting for knowledge and capture the indulging in sight seeing.

Sky train to bring you around Bangkok 

 Tut Tut for hike 

 Hotel around in Bangkok 

To all my blogs follower and readers , stay tune for more Bangkok update on Foods , Beach , Nightlife & Photos

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