Monday, October 29, 2012

Samsung EX2F Feature Review

Holiday is a fun time that we can spend more quality time with family, friends and love ones.

Last Friday was a public holiday and following is the weekend, we take pictures to treasure memories which when we look back we can recall the happy moment shared.

The best pictures is best captured through our lens which is our eyes. Last week I did a feature on the Samsung Smart Camera EX2F is the Wi-Fi Connectivity , read it here- Samsung's SMART Camera Brand Evangelist
The background is blur and the object you want to capture is clear

When Samsung's engineer designing EX2F, their inspiration was looking at the human eyes because it is the closest perfection on the market. So with the Samsung Smart Camera EX2F next feature is the F1.4 bright lens! 

F1.4 is one of the brightest available, also delivers a wider range of opening steps and shallow depth-of-field, that gives you the blur background and clear image on the object or subject you want to capture.

F1.4 brightest lens offers a 24mm, ultra-wide focal length and 3.3x optical zoom, you can capture more of the landscape and love one in every shot.

Under the bright sunlight, no worries that your picture will turn out to be over exposed/underexposed because with the equipped Neutral Density (ND) will filter and reduces the amount of light intensity with captures the picture with a slower shutter speed. 

So now, you don't have to worry of bad pictures!

I am falling in love with the features of this awesome smart camera


  1. Lovely photos! :) Keep it up!
    Oh and.. i recognize The Curve hahahahahah!

  2. Thank for your comment..follow my blogs for more updated on Samsung EX2F camera and feature