Friday, December 11, 2009

birthday celebration

Sorry for the late post on my father birthday..
My dad birthday was on 8/12/09..HAPPY BIRTHDAY daddy..anyway as i post on earlier blogs that i been celebrating my whole family birthday on the month of decemeber.1st will be my beloved mother and my friend cayenne.Then on the 8 will be my beloved daddy birthday following my church friend Aaron Chin that grow up with me together since we know each other in church then on the 15th of december will be Alistair birthday then follow by my younger mei mei at 22nd of december.Then on the 27th december will be Suki & Tiffy then last by not the beginning will be my beloved sandy birthday on the last day 31st.Imagine the amount of cakes i have consume and present that i have to spend during the month of decemeber and christmas are just around the corner as well.
On the 8/12 my father big birthday celebration was a quick dinner at mum place at damansara perdana.Here are some picture on what did i get for my father as birthday present and i hope it had a great birthday with all of us.
my father birthday present from me

birthday card ( handmade)

 Credit given to sandy

birthday cake from the cell group
cute cuppcake from me

small celebration from the cell group members

we having popiah party that night

that all for the night on 8/12/09.I will update more on upcoming event..So stay tuned ya..

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  1. Wow what a great bday present for your dad! I mean the daily devotion book by Ps Kevin! good one! ^^