Monday, December 14, 2009

weekend jobs for citibank


Sorry for not updating blog lately because I was extreme busy during the whole weekend.For the past weekend I been working at the curve,ikano and e-curve for kangaroo and last weekend was doing tranformer roadshow.If any of you spotted tranformer around the mall it will be me.Christmas are around the corner,have any of you get all the gift for your loved one, family member and friends..If  you havent then better start shopping and avoid weekend because it will be so packed.Photography is always been my dreams and i love capture every moment down.Here are some of the picture that I have taken when i was working around the mall and my camera is always with me.This is the citibank roadshow to win lucky draw to Australia.

koala and kangaroo

koala saying hello to a girl

                  meet and greet with the loving mascot                                             

kangaroo baby dropping off

citibank team ( take1 )

take 2

kids love the Australia mascot

koala coming down

see the amount of follower for the mascot

movie carnival by cinema online

see that guy scared of kangaroo

whispering to koala

some band member that performing in laundry

let play the music

kids love koala

move to ikea area for the next location

the baby look scared

kangaroo love camera
(see the picture)

If you want to catch koala and kangaroo live at e-curve,curve and ikano coming during the date on 26th december and 27th december.They will appear one last time there.So bring your camera and come snap picture with the lovely mascot.

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