Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"My Dream in the Year of the Tiger"

Dare to Dream

For many, a new year brings new hope and a new start likens a new chapter in their life. It is an opportunity for oneself to re-look their life journey this far and either basking in their laurels if they had a successful year or feeling remorse if the year journey had been futile. Either ways many take stocks of their situations and set goals to achieve the following year by mean of resolutions. 

2010 being the Year of the Tiger is very special for me as I was born in the Tiger year and according to Chinese astrology – “Year of the Tiger is for all Tigers” No one is going to deny us the privileges. Knowing this is my lucky year I am roaring in with the agility and boldness of a tiger and Dare to Dream my ultimate dream – established an Event Management Company of my own!

Will it be a Success? Many are doubtful especially “being a recession time”, “not a good time to start your own business” these are what I hears every time I shared my aspiration. Enough is enough; a tiger does not go around hiding behind some safety blanket but ventured into unchartered and unfamiliar territories. I will succeed because people born in the year of the Tiger share certain characteristics such as incorrigibly competitive, they simply cannot pass up a challenge. Is it not that many businesses failed due to their lack of stamina to maintain their competitive edge? The other attributes are intelligent, alert and farsighted and very often these are the assets for strong business acumen that cannot be taught by any marketing Mahaguru. But I am born with it! 
I have work for various event since the year 2005 until today, I will share with my readers some of the roadshow that I involve in. Stay tuned ya !

Brand Care Advertising Company (spot me)

Cosplay ( mascot)

Jason Friday 13

tranformer  roadshow by Outpost

Bhp cruizer ( spot the sticker)

Akpk roadshow by Myc

Cold Storage ambassador by Captivate

Digi mascot by Fly event

Dove roving team by Ape ideas

Tigers are stubbornly focus, if one witnesses it stalking on its prey you will see that the Tiger will infallibly and relentlessly pursue it even at the expense of an easier catch. Such tenacity will not provide any excuses for failure but a source of encouragements to the surrounding environments and people.  
Roadshow that I will never fail to involve !!

Zip by BITC

Cadbury bytes roving team

Friends that I have worked

Ucsi University roadshow

Group picture

Smartie party at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club

Stage set up

Flyer Distribution  by L'mer event

rave parties
Of course, being an entrepreneur and venturing in to business of your own solely relying on horoscope will be foolish and unacceptable in this modern time and age. Rational success factors would be my degree in Business Administration and my years of experience in the field of event management having worked in various organizations and being involved in all types of big and small events.
This is the time and it has got to be now, I dare to dream the dream of having my own event management company and I am going to have it. Failure! Not me, anyway like all felines, Tigers always land on their feet, ready for their next act in life.

The dreams of every Tiger is a Tiger beer

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