Friday, February 26, 2010

A little ending celebration

I am going to update the rest of my Chinese new year post before it end tomorrow.Some of the new year decoration that I capture with my camera when I am out shopping in KL.

this was outside pavilion entrance 

red lantern
the main floor that filled with new year decoration

flower that bloom during Chinese new year.

The next picture was taken at One Utama shopping mall 
this decoration was at queen bay mall at penang
capture down every moment of Chinese new year

Old china town building
60" shops in China

Chinese new year in Penang was extreme hot and the sky was so blue and hardly got any cloud.I guess most of you agree with me right.This new year I get to visit a lot of places in Penang like Pulau Aman ( basically the island is famous for their prawn and seafood) mee mamak and mee rebus as well 

look at the big big prawn of this mee rebus and it only cost you rm6

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