Thursday, February 18, 2010

popo & my birthday reunion dinner at thai restaurant

As you all can read from my title is double celebration birthday at a thai restaurant name Khun Thai restuarant in Sg.Dua at butterworth to celebrate my birthday and my popo( mum side )as well since both of our birthday is very close to each other. - hint hint got more ang pow -
The birthday was on yesterday because most of us will not be around and going to be busy that why my uncle plan it yesterday.I was at Bentong ( Thailand) that day and rush all the way back to butterworth.My uncle was the one that plan the whole birthday suprise for my grandmother and me.
my happening popo that go ktv, party 

this is me that got caught in camera
my auntie, uncle and ronan
They came back all the way from Hong Kong for Chinese New Year celebration at gathering with family and friends.I really had fun when they are around in malaysia because they are really happening and make the whole enviroment happening during chinese new year.
We reach the venue around 9pm plus but the whole restaurant was fully booked and all of you will be amazed how good is food business during chinese new year.
my mum and mei mei
me and popo getting ready to blow birthday cakes
birthday person have to light their own candle
I <3 tiger and popo
happy birthday grandmother

feeding everyone with my birthday cakes
My godmother and uncle

All the photo above is taken with dslr d500.I havent upload what is on my digital camera yet.So once i head beck to kl then i will upload more ya..
Finally I am a year older and thanx to all my friends , family that wish me.Thanx a lot ya


  1. ur auntie doesnt like to take picture hor? she doesnt smile.... >.< so fierce!

  2. i wonder why that day she didnt smile..
    haha..maybe it because weather was extreme hot and the restaurant was pack..