Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine days movie preview

Thank Nuffnang for inviting me for the movie preview on valentine's day on the 9th february 2010.The show got a lot of main stars such as Jessica Alba, Taylor Swift , George Lopez  and lot more.The movie start at 9.30pm at E-curve formerly know as cineleisure.
Nuffnang was so kind to give me 2 ticket for the preview movie on Valentine's day so i bring along my baby to watch it together with me.I reach there around 8.35pm and went up to the cinema and find the right booth to collect my movie ticket.
Nuffnang ticket booth

Blogger with their friends/patner

All about love 

Valentine's seminar 

let us show some L.O.V.E

After we collect the ticket, I was a bit hungry so both of us when to grab some foods to fill our empty stomach and grab a drinks before the movie showing.
We walked to Kim Gary to eat since hong kong fast food restaurant, on the way there we manage to capture some sweet and loving valentine decorations.
Sweet lil love 

i love you forever even we do not get to celebrate valentine's day together

the movie ticket 

on the way to kim gary 

thanx Nuffnang
cant wait for the movie 
my pineapple coconut
drink to fufill our thirst 
snack before the movie 
The movie was 8/10. This is my personal own view and might be different compare to other people.
Great show to watch it with ur love one , friends and family during this valentine's day..
Let the love spread around this valentine's day

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