Wednesday, March 31, 2010

kl pillow fight

Gathering Point: Outside of 1Utama (new wing). At the windows of ZARA, Armani Exchange, FCUK. The whole stretch. Spread out, we’re not there to be a nuisance.  4pm. Wait there until the Pillow Fight Police comes to escort you to the Fight Point.
Last year the pillow fight was at e-curve, I was working at all IT and I saw a bunch of people carrying their pillow and bolster with different type of shapes.Some of them even wear pajamas for the pillow fight.At 1st I wonder what is happening and why so many people carrying their pillow and bolster in mall. I taught is a in thing to do.

Some of the things you will want to know:

  1. The location of this event’s Gathering Point will only be revealed days before the fight. Don’t ask where the Fight Point will be, we won’t tell. We never tell. You just find out when the time is right. At the last minute, that is.
  2. Gathering Point and Fight Point are two separate locations.
  3. Pillow Fight Police (PFP) will be at the Gathering Point to welcome you and escort you to Fight Point.
  4. PFP will stand out, it will be easy to spot them. If you can’t spot them, you shouldn’t be near a pillow.
  5. Bring your own weapon of choice. We will be selling pillows on that day just in case. If all the pillows get sold out, then you won’t have a weapon.
  6. Only Pillow Fight with someone who has a pillow. Do not hit the official photographers.
  7. Always be cool, we are not there to cause trouble or nuisance.
  8. There will be official photographers and videographers, and photos will be uploaded and available for all. In short, this is a Pillow Fight, not a photography competition. Fight, not click!
  9. Show your love to us by purchasing our t-shirts. Not all of our projects have sponsors. Buying our t-shirts help us in funding our projects. More importantly, participate! Join in!
  10. Most of all make sure you have fun!
Let make this event happening and mark down your calendar and join this event at one utama at 3 april.For more information can check out click here

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