Monday, April 5, 2010

my favourite sport

This blogs is going to reveal my little secret on what sport I am playing and what my all times favourite sport. I am sure most of my reader and friends play sport right?
The reasons for playing sport is to keep yourself fit and healthy from all walk of life no matter how young or old. Every morning around 5 am , I always see this old man equip with his sport trouser , sport shoe and a normal t shirt and jog around the park and is 5am in the morning.Most of us that are not working will be still sleeping soundly in bed and those that going to work will be getting ready and stuck in the early morning traffic that take hours to clear everyday ( I am living in a busy city kl )
 The busy life of kl town
 I use to play lot of sport since I was a teenager range from all type of games such as football , tennis , badminton , basketball , running , softball , bowling , snooker , swimming and lot more and the list will never end.
Recently I have enrol myself in a hip hop dance studio nearby my house and have attend few classes and slowly learning lot of new hip hop move.My dancing teacher is Chris if you ever watch astro battle ground.He have won a lot of title from dancing.I was a house runner when I was back in high skool , through the year i have won a lot of prizes.
During the year in college , i have join various type of sport also and one of them are badminton.I remember during one of the college sport days i represent the staff of college to play badminton against other department badminton player such as business , law , hotel and management , mass com, a- level. I been playing badminton since the year 2004 until today. 

Wondering what are my favourite sport

My favorite sport will be badminton because it help me train my stamina and train my mind to work out the strategy to conquer the opponent. I play badminton every Saturday and never fail ( unless  i am working or things that cannot be avoid )
  I believe badminton helped me a lot in increasing my stamina and physical endures, badminton also help to work out every part of your body such as eyes , mind , hand , body and legs. A good form to exercise and to keep yourself fit.
I am sure everyone when playing sport will sweat a lot right?So by using Adidas deodorant and cleaning shower gel it will make you smell fresh and good.I am sure that all of you do not like smelly people?
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Anyone can play badminton regardless you are male or female , during the weekend when I walked around at the park I always see young kids and parent playing badminton at the roadside , park and badminton courts. I am sure most Malaysian know our legend Dato Lee Chong Wei.
Anyone interested to join me for a games on Saturday do let me know ya.
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